Manager Map is a Business Intelligence tool that visualizes critical business data and takes the analysis of the key performance indicators (KPI) to a whole new level. Data and key performance indicators which include for example; turnover, visitor information, risks and forecasts are marked out on your shopping center maps using colors. These colors create groups of tenants and reveal strong and weak zones, risks, prognoses and vacant areas.

Manager Map gives you multiple opportunities to combine KPIs with each other given different scenarios. All KPIs in Manager Map are customizable for your unique needs.

Commonly used indicators in Manager Map are:

Rent and Sales per square foot/meters
OCR – Risk Occupancy Cost Ratio
Subdivision of tenants by industries and categories
Notice of termination of tenants
Vacant areas
Sales increase/decrease during different time periods
Correlation between turnover and visitor data at different time intervals

Manager Map is part of the Futurum Solutions Enterprise Group together with the sales management system mAnalyze and the global visit counter system PassCheck. Reports created in mAnalyze and PassCheck as graphs and tables are converted, visualized and analyzed by Manager Map.

Manger Map can be used both as a stand-alone tool integrated with your already existing suppliers of sales management systems/visitor counting systems or as a fully integrated solution together with mAnalyze and PassCheck.

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